Bumbu Jawa

The story behind Bumbu Jawa 

Bumbu Jawa is an Indonesian restaurant with authentic Javanese Indonesian food. Many people find their way to the restaurant and that is always a good sign. Therefore price and quality go hand in hand. Customers are served in traditional Indonesian Batiks or our younger colleagues in handmade apron.


The chef works with fresh ingredients and that spoils the buds during a visit to Bumbu Jawa. Bumbu Jawa is a good comfort for people who are homesick for Indonesia. The atmosphere makes the guest feel comfortable. Owner Natalia Purnomo has built up a catering experience over the years by working with her mother in the Restaurant.

"My grandma was excellent in the javanese kitchen. She was the inspiration for my mother and now my mother becomes an inspiration for me. We still use a lot of my grandma's and my mom's dishes".

The idea of Bumbu Jawa is to re-introduce the  Indonesian kitchen to the younger generation, because  a lot of younger people eat Indonesian food at parties  of their Indonesian family or just wait when their grandma  or mother/ father cook again. So Natalia opened Bumbu  Jawa on her birthday on 4 november 2019. 

Bumbu Jawa | wagenstraat 63 | 2512 AP The Hague | 070 406 54 15 | info@bumbujawa.nl  

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